Your journey begins here
Getting Started
Your journey begins here
Send Manuscript

We'd love to see your full manuscript. We aren't going to stress about the perfect enquiry letter or synopsis.

Confirm Receipt

We know what its like while you wait for feedback. We want to ensure we can help you maintain your excitement. We'll acknowledge receipt withing a couple of days.

Read & Review

We'll read the entire manuscript and get back to you with our honest opinion within 2 weeks.

We might think it needs some work, in which case we'll help you revise and resubmit. We might also decide it doesn't need anything changing.

Choose Services

Once we're ready to move ahead with your manuscript, we'll send you details of what services we can provide you. You simply indicate to us which services you would like, it may be that you only want proof reading and preparing for printing, it may be marketing, or it may be the full works. Its up to you.

We'll clearly lay out prices and payment terms once you've selected what you'd like us to do for you.

The Legal Bit

We'll ask you to sign a contract detailing services, prices, terms and conditions that we've both agreed to.

You may be published, but your journey is not complete.

We'll be there for every step, helping and guiding you.