The Plan
The Plan
What we do for you

You've already imagined your manuscript is the best of its kind. Your creation now needs to be turned into something truly beautiful. Something you would be proud to hold in front of any one and say, 'Look at this, feel it, smell it, flick through the pages. Isn't it wonderful?'

Starting Our Partnership

The first stage of our process is to read the entire manuscript, front to back. We won't get put off by grammatical errors, it seems to come naturally to many of us to include these. Don't get hung up about this, it happens to everyone. You become so immersed in your storyline, it's often the detail that's skipped.

We at The Self Publishing Studio will give you an honest appraisal on the manuscript. Do we think it will work? If not we can discuss changes to make it work? Or what you need to do to make it great. Then we can review it again. We don't work on a one chance and you're out. We may also offer an alternative route, one that may be more suited to your aspirations and style. Either way, this review and subsequent advice won't cost you a penny.

Once we agree to accept your manuscript, this is where the fun starts and your manuscript starts to turn into a thing of beauty. Just think your manuscript is the caterpillar and the butterfly is your finished book. This is the journey we at The Self Publishing Studio will take you on.

First Steps

Proof reading is the first step. Not by you, you have the story textual warts and all. We need to read it for you, objectively, not just for typos, but for context and flow. Then give you an honest opinion, and correct all of those grammatical errors along the way. You will be surprised just how many there can be. Having reviewed the changes with you we need you to agree or otherwise those changes, and make sure you are happy. That's the first part complete.

Ok, so how do you want your book to look, do you have any ideas of cover design? If not we can help. Will your book include illustrations? All of which we can discuss. Do bear in mind a good book cover will often be appealing to a buyer on that alone. We can also take care of the ISBN and barcode you will need to have for circulation. Retailers and wholesale book buyers will need this to search for your book. In support of your pending publication it's at this point you will need to start to think about a short blurb and your bio, telling the retailers what the book is about and who you are.

Nearly There...

Your manuscript is now at the chrysalis. Now comes the layout and typesetting. Our experts are at hand to offer guidance on book size, fonts and generally how it will look on the shelves or websites. We will deliver a proof of the actual book, once checked for any of our errors of course. You can review the layout and copy and make sure you are one hundred percent happy and if not, we will make the necessary changes.

The excitement is building and we at The Self Publishing Studio, as its well and truly a team effort, are getting very close to publication. Do you want POD (print on demand), a little more expensive - or batch print? Where do you want your book to be available? Waterstones, Amazon, Kobo, direct from you? When we register your book with Nielsens, often a primary source for retailers to search for books, all is possible.

Marketing Yourself

If we haven't already, we should be thinking about your social presence. Do you have a Twitter account, should we modify this? What shall we post and how often? What about Facebook? Again, we can use this, but maybe we need a fan page dedicated to your book, where you can blog and post pictures of your book. Using Facebook services, The Self Publishing Studio can recommend whether you should start to promote some of your postings. This can be a very effective and cost-efficient way of increasing your 'Likes' and general presence. This alone could deliver sales as you can post links to your book for purchase.

We would strongly recommend you take the time to develop a web site, as you, the author. This is another great way to develop your credibility and presence in the market. But it has to have a professional look. Anything you put there on the internet has to match the professionalism you've shown with your book. Your pages should include a bit about you, your book(s), events such as book signings can also be listed here. Using a combination of all of your social media will ensure good exposure. All of which will help drive interest and sales.

We now have your beautiful book ready, we have it registered and sent off a copy to the British Library - this is a legal requirement.