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First things first we will read every submission, quickly, provide feedback, and may recommend you do further work before we can take it forward. We will review your second iteration. It's not a one chance and you are out. We believe we started a relationship the minute you sent us your manuscript, and we would like to foster this where possible. We won't obsess about the perfect enquiry letter and synopsis, as long as it makes sense. We will do our best to keep your excitement going, and not drift into weeks or months before you get a response.

Please be aware that adhering to the rules set out here will make the process much easier and faster.

You should allow up to 7 working days for initial feedback. All submissions should be via the submission form.

File Submission

File Submission

Guidelines for file submission
  • Zip File

    Zip your text and images (where applicable) in to a single zip file. The zip file should be named

  • Submitting

    All submissions should be submitted via our submission form, or shared via a link through a file sharing service.

  • File Size

    Zip files should be no larger than 25mb if submitting via our site

Text Documents

Text Documents

Guidelines for text documents
  • File Naming

    Your text files should be saved with the title of your work, appended with the type of file it is. For example: BookTitle-manuscript.doc

  • Document Style

    Please supply text files in a Microsoft Word compatible format.

  • Text Formatting

    Ensure text files are double line spaced, left aligned, and have a 12pt font size

  • Paragraph Formatting

    Paragraphs should be separated by an extra line space.

  • Page Breaks

    Page breaks should be included at the end of each chapter, or after each poem. Please do not repeated returns

Your Manuscript

Your Manuscript

Guidelines for your manuscript
  • Page Numbers

    Please include page numbers

  • Ordering

    It should be presented in the order you expect it to appear in the book.

  • Footnotes & Endnotes

    Ensure you have correctly formatted footnotes and endnotes if you have used them.

  • Book Extras

    Please include the following where appropriate and required: title page; author name; dedication; acknowledgements; table of contents.

Your Synopsis

Your Synopsis

Guidelines for your synopsis
  • Content

    It should be a brief summary of your manuscript, no longer than about 1 A4 page in length.

Images & Illustrations

Images & Illustrations

If you don't have your own illustrations and would like some, we can provide this as an extra service for you.
  • Separate Images

    Images should be seperate and not embedded in within your manuscript as this can degrade their resolution.

  • Formatting

    Images should be print ready JPEG/JPGs, with a minimum dpi of 300, A5 size or larger. For children's books they should be A4 or larger.

  • Image Colouring

    Images should be in the CMYK colour mode if the images are to be used in colour. Greyscale should be used otherwise.

  • Naming Convention

    Images should be named in a way that makes it clear their order of appearance in your book. For example: 001_BlackCat.jpg; 002_BrownDog.jpg; and so on.

  • Image List

    Please supply a complete list of images, with clear guidance about the desired placement in the book.

  • Image List Name

    Your synopsis should be saved with the title of your work, appended with -imagelist. For example: BookTitle-imagelist.doc

  • Document Style

    Please supply it in a Microsoft Word, Excel, plain text or any similar compatible format.

Extra Information

Extra Information

More light reading - its quite important though
  • Copyright

    Please ensure that any content you supply is your own original work and that you own the copyright for any images you supply, or that you have written documentation of permission to use the copyrighted material.

  • Take Note of the Guidelines

    Take careful note of the submissions guidelines above. If we receive your files in other formats, we may be not able to open them and being work. You may be asked to re-submit, or pay additional costs for reformatting of the files.

  • High Standards

    As a small organisation, we we have to be selective about the work we finally decide to take on, in order to maximise your chance of success in a crowded marketplace. This means work intended for publication and distribution into the trade should be of a high standard.

  • Additional Services

    Copy-editing and proofreading are recommended before publication