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We've walked in your shoes. We've made mistakes and learnt from. We've done it with our own books. Let us share that knowledge to get you off the ground.

The Right Skillset

First, we've walked in your shoes. Second, we've made lots of mistakes and learnt from them. Third, we've done it with our own books, with the help of my team. We know what works, and more importantly what doesn't. Every aspect of this blurb we've tried and often with success, maybe not the first time, as we gain the experience of what to change next time. That's where you will benefit, by using our services to cut through the painful bits and go to the market with a clear a concise plan, and even if it feels uncomfortable, do it anyway. The more you do, the easier it becomes. We believe self-publishing is the way to go. Yes, it will still cost you, but you should start to feel it's a sensible investment, and with the right kind of 'hard-working, go-get-em' mentality you can do this.

It's a given that there are any number of organisations out there offering advice on what makes a good novel. Take it if it's what you think you need. And there are an equal number that will help you increase your twitter followers and web presence. Increasing twitter followers will do just that. None of this alone will create the kind of attention you desire. There's no quick and easy fix. The real effort and hard work has to come from you, often having to put yourself outside of your comfort zone. Basically selling - dirty word and concept for some, but it has to be done. Writing to book stores, contacting libraries and schools, attending Christmas and Summer fares. Promote your book wherever you can. Put all of your feelings of being uncomfortable out of your mind. Be bloody minded in your approach.